Hello, I’m James – you can also find me on Instagram, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

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This personal blog captures what I’m interested in or working on in the moment, which is mostly digital strategy applied to marine conservation. Roughly 0-2 posts per year.

Away from the keyboard I’m a huge fan of micro adventures, getting out into the wild to re-calibrate and reflect on what matters. I’ve been fortunate to hike, scuba dive, and freedive all around the world and love macro life ( nudis!), British wrecks, and underwater cleanups.

I work mostly on digital innovation projects intending to bring about meaningful change. Recently my focus has been on marine conservation to help tackle the serious challenges faced by our planet: no green without blue.

If you are a non-profit or startup working on climate change or blue carbon projects that would benefit from digital consultancy please contact me.

If you are keen to know more, have a look at:

Couple of things worth noting:

  • I work full time for The Reef-World Foundation – the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect Reef-World’s.
  • This site may link to other websites, but I am not responsible for their content and does not constitute an endorsement.